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We provide:
  • Full view of roulette wheel
  • Superior cylinder
  • 24 hours on line costumer assistance
  • Maximum protection of program and cylinder from breaking in
  • 1 year guarantee
  • The system is ready to function in only 4 hours
  • Each unit consists of completely independent software
  • Guaranteed service within 24 hours
Description of AIK roulettes:

AIK American Roulettes are first-class gaming machines, fully automated and fun to play.

It's excellent and ergonomic design
completely satisfies even the most demanding players. Every player has
his own playing position, which increases player appeal.
The control of automatic roulette is very
simple; because everything runs automatically all games and single events remain in memory, which enables full historical data retrieval.

The player station is equipped with soft touch-keyboard and additional buttons, which enable easy and pleasurable playing. On each player station, there
is an option to select one of the many languages that guide the player through
the game. There is also a quick help button that explains the basics of playing AIK American Roulette.

It is simple and logical. With just one press of a button it's possible to call up your winning combination from the previous round. Players can place different series (big series, 5/8 tier, Orphans, lateral-neighbours), to double or delete bets...

Our roulettes are powered by software that maintains and manages all the system functions like control of the betting history for each player station separately, displaying the last ten winning numbers, credit in/out state and many other important data.

Even more!
You can easily control more gambling
machines connected to a network, view stored data, remote control the machines, print
receipts for each player station etc...

Unique, ergonomic design, technological perfection and effortless playing create the unmatched gaming experience you have been waiting for...

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