Multiform 10
Automated electronic roulette
for 10 player

AC 230V ± 10% / 50Hz

1300 W

Ambient temperature:
0 - 30°C

Ambient humidity:
10 - 90 % non-condensation


3220 mm

870 mm

3120 m

950 kg


AIK Automated American Roulettes are designedfor five, eight and ten players and can be expanded with separate units up to 64 playing consoles. Each playing console is equipped with its own individual computer that works independently of others.

Thegame can go on even in case of crash of one of the playing consoles.
In creating the internal software we
aimed at two things, customer and player satisfaction.

So devices are provided with different options for credit-in: by electronic key, by a bill acceptor, with coins, by on-line system and different options of credit-out: by hopper, by an electronic key, by on-line system.

They also allow betting even when the ball is already spinning on the wheel. This feature raises the number of bets. All the events are stored in the internal computer that enables the operator to overview the history of the bets for at least one month and set the
winnings accordingly.

The roulette computer system is also protected against electrostatic discharge.
AIK Automated American Roulettes conform to most European countries gaming standards. In case of special requests or desires it can be adjusted to fit the specific needs of a customer.

To increase the fair play of the AIK Automated American Roulettes
performance, the time of air-launched ball and rotation speed are randomly selected by the central computer.

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