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Unique, ergonomic design, technological perfection and effortless playing create the unmatched gaming experience you have been waiting for...

  • Smart software that maintains and manages all the system functions
  • fully automated
    network and remote control management
  • full historical data retrieval
  • multy language support
  • quick help button
  • Possibility to place different
  • series (big series, 5/8 tier, Orphans, lateral-neighbours), to double or delete bets...

  • Full view of roulette wheel
  • superior cylinder
  • 24 hours on line costumer assistance
  • Maximum protection of program and cylinder from
  • breaking in
  • 1 year guarantee
  • The system is ready to function in only 4 hours
  • Each unit consists of completely independent software
  • Guaranteed service within 24 hours
  • it can be adjusted to fit your specific needs.

Nothing is left to chance:

design, the selection of materials, the production and the planning and supervision of development and production all take place in our head office.

For instance, all materials are tested for quality and reliability before being used. Quality and gaming experience come before everything.

With the enthusiasm of our team we not only create innovative solutions but the experience of gaming. Our mission is simply: "State-of-the-art gaming machines."

Your AIK Team

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